Teeth Care: 5 Things You Must To Do Avoid Visiting A Dentist

avoid teeth problems

A visit to the Dentist is never pleasant. It often involves a painful procedure of filling, root canal or complete tooth removal. None of us wants to go through it. But for that we must first ensure that we take good care of our teeth. So, if you want to avoid visiting a dentist here are 5 oral health care mantras that you must follow.

avoid teeth problems

Brushing Teeth With Toothpaste Containing Fluoride

Fluoride helps in strengthening the teeth and avoiding germs. Also, it helps to keep the gums clean. Thus whenever you buy a toothpaste, make sure that you check the fluoride content. A toothpaste with higher fluoride will ensure greater oral health.

Avoid Eating Excessive Sweets

Sweets are the primary cause of tooth decay. If any bacteria has attacked a tooth, it feeds on sweets. Thus on excessive consumption of sweets, the result will be cavities and corrosion of teeth. In cases of excessive infection, a tooth may also have to be removed. So, instead of going through a painful procedure, avoid too many sweets.

After Brushing, Floss And Use A Mouthwash

Complete oral cleaning does not stop at only brushing the teeth. To completely rid your mouth of germs flossing and rinsing with a mouthwash is necessary. Flossing will help remove food bits from between the gaps in the teeth and mouthwash will ensure an overall cleanliness and fresh breath.

Avoid Smoking And Chewing Tobacco

Tobacco causes excessive and fast paced tooth decay. Also, it results in a tooth to corrode from the corners and become blackish. In order to avoid these conditions, smoking and chewing tobacco should be completely stopped.

Rinse Properly After Every Meal

The reason why tiny food bits and morsels remain stuck to our teeth is that we do not rinse our mouth properly. Thus we need to rinse thoroughly after every meal if we do not want our teeth to ultimately decay as a result of neglect.

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