How To Make Hair Soft And Silky At Home

home remedies for soft and silky hair

Are chemical shampoos and conditioners damaging your hair? Stop now. Go for home remedies to repair damaged hair and make it smooth, soft and silky.

home remedies for soft and silky hair


Mash one avocado into a bowl and add grated amla to it. Before shampooing your hair, massage this mixture on your scalp up to the tip of the hair. Let it stand for half an hour, then rinse gently with a mild shampoo. While drying your hair, do not rub and just squeeze out the excess water with a towel. This will help exfoliate your hair and give it a soft and silky texture.


Use yogurt massage for your scalp to get rid of the dryness and to provide nourishment to damaged hair. Let the yogurt stay for an hour before rinsing with a mild herbal shampoo. Use warm lemon water as a conditioner for best results. This will moisturize your hair roots and tips and give it a soft and silky feel.

Coconut Milk

This is to be done once a week to get soft and silky hair at home. Rinse your hair thorougly with coconot milk and make sure it seeps in to the roots for proper nourishment. Then rinse gently with lukewarm water. The creaminess of coconut milk will make your hair soft and silky immediately.

Lemon and Honey

Squeeze out 2 tablespoon of lemon juice and add it to a little quantity of lukewarm water. Then add honey to it. Lemon and honey together have conditioning properties for giving hair a soft and silky texture. So, apply this mixture to your hair after shampooing and rinse gently.

Aloe Vera Gel Mask

Aloe vera gel is the best for reducing hairfall, promoting hair growth and repairing dry and damaged hair. Use aloe vera gel mask for your hair twice a week. Let the gel mask stand for 2 hours before washing off with lukewarm water or mild shampoo. This will make your hair smooth, soft and silky.

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